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No previous experience is necessary - participants progress from being (possibly) reluctant beginners, to competent contributors. Rather than simply 'have a go', the group are encouraged to draw on their own innate resources, overcome any fears of doing it wrong, and listen deeply to each other in order to create increasingly complex and satisfying music together.


This approach offers a high-quality, meaningful experience which is particularly suited towards examining wider issues of:


            engaging creativity


            approaching the new


            coping with change




            interpersonal and group relationships


Using experience gained from being a university-level educator, and knowledge derived from her PhD study of communicative musical interaction, Jane can facilitate dialogue which opens up key aspects of these areas, related directly to the experience of drumming together, whilst making the real-world connections explicit.

Experiential learning


Art Beat specialises in working with public service and voluntary sector organisations, particularly in fields of health, education, and community development, because that's where we work the rest of the time!


Increasingly, organisations are recognising the benefits of drumming, not just for service users, but also for the staff teams that serve them. Group drumming offers an accessible experience which integrates mind, and body,  individual expression, and group interaction.


Finally, Art Beat offers rhythmic activities intended to foster staff integration and wellbeing. Especially suited towards smaller groups, these sessions focus on the relational, relaxing, and cathartic properties of drumming, offering a safe yet exploratory environment for staff to enjoy shared activity and experience each other beyond their professional roles.


A recent study (cited below)  into the use of recreational drumming with nursing students found statistically significant reductions of multiple burnout and mood dimensions: a digested version of a similar study can also be found in the BBC News article, 'Drumming up a happier workplace' :




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Staff wellbeing

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